The best advice... contact us before you purchase so we can help guide you to those who stand behind their products!

We make warranty issues easy by being your one-stop shop for your warranty concerns. Here's how it works...

You have a warranty concern... so you email us with your receipt, a few photos of the issue, and hit send! We do the rest.

Warranty is provided by the Manufacturers so they review the request and send us an acceptance or denial of the request. Then we make arrangements for you to return your paddle or pick up your new one (shipping charges may apply). 

The good news is by going through us for warranty issues, you avoid getting warranty items shipped from the US only to be surprised with customs charges when it's delivered. 

To know whether or not your warranty concern will be covered, take a look at your paddle company's website for the details (see below) Each manufacturer has a different warranty and apply to manufacturer's defects or breakage from normal use.

If you damage your paddle by hitting the ground, the court, smashing it against a pole, your thigh or head (often after a missed shot... I've seen it happen) or any other object other than a Pickleball, please do not ask for warranty coverage. We will always be fair in a warranty settlement through our manufacturers but we ask for fairness on your part as well.


What is not covered...


Balls are not covered.

Normal wear and tear, damage caused by abuse, negligence or user modification, and the natural breakdown or fading of graphics are not covered.

Cracks and damage close to the edge of a paddle are not covered by warranty. These are usually caused by hitting another paddle, the court floor, or other solid objects. A ball will not cause this type of damage.


Sample of warranty pages:



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