About Us | The Story behind Family Pickleball

Family Pickleball is truly that... a family pickleball business with a purpose! As our 2 boys became teenagers, we wanted to expose them to running a small business, learning to serve customers the way they'd want to be served, making ethical business decisions and perhaps ignite an entrepreneurial spirit! 

We began with both boys putting some skin into the game by taking 25% of the initial money for our first inventory purchase from their allowance and savings... with dad making up the other 50%. Then, as sales began, the boys learned to reinvest their profits into more inventory to ensure they could serve their customers by having various paddle colours and products on hand.

In 2020, Mark bought out his brother Keith, making Mark a full 50/50 partner with dad. Now Mark, who is 15, is branching out further on his own... with the launch of his very own website Family Pickleball, with an even greater focus on providing beginners, families and players of all abilities access to quality Pickleball paddles, nets, and more! 


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